Will Smith is gay? Actor Duane Martin rumored secret lover

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Jaden Smith in another suicide hoax

Bad Boys actor Will Smith, who plays the role of Deadshot in the superhero film Suicide Squad, may have been joking when he mentioned about a deleted gay scene during an interview. However, something more serious could be waiting to blow up and expose more details surrounding his personal life.

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According to Express, Will Smith was reminded by Jay Hernandez about the alleged deleted Suicide Squad scene and he said, “When we were shooting it, I thought, ‘Umm, Deadshot and Rick Flag in a love scene?’ It seemed awkward.”

But on a more serious note, Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith were dragged in a court case involving the couple’s close friends Tisha Campbell-Martin and Duane Martin.

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The Martins have filed for bankruptcy on January 7, claiming they owe creditors more than $15 million versus their real estate assets amounting to only $65,000 and $248,000 worth of personal property.

On top of that, Tisha Campbell- Martin and Duane Martin claim to have a measly $200 in cash and a bit less than that in their bank accounts.

If you feel this sounds a bit far off, one couldn’t blame the trustee who feels the couple is being dishonest in their bankruptcy case.

According to a report by Radar Online the sale of their Chatsworth, Calif., home, a “short sale with their mortgage lender whereby a newly created LLC known as Roxe, LLC,” raised suspicions for being funded by Treyball, a third party owned by the Smiths.

It was found out that 100% of the funds worth $2 million used to transfer the property to Duane Martin’s brother Martin practically came from Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith.

The report further states that the money may have been used as a cover up money; that Duane Martin is rumored to be Will Smith’s lover. They’ve been seen vacationing without their wives in the Caribbean island of Trinidad back in 2011, partying, having private dinners, and sailing on a private boat.

More evidence regarding the short sale anomaly are inside the Martins’ laptop, which they still haven’t turned over to the trustee citing that it contains “confidential communications with other public figures regarding private, non-financial matters.”

The Martins sought an NDA fearing “the risk of disclosing private information not pertinent to the instant case [that is] highly sought after by tabloid publications”!

The private photographs and videos are believed to be of Will Smith and “close friend” Duane Martin.

Meanwhile, Will Smith will be back in the big screen soon with Martin Lawrence after the Bad Boys franchise was confirmed by its director Joe Carnahan to return after 13 years.

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