Will Smith son on suicide watch for depression! Sarah Snyder infidelity, Jaden Smith death rumors

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Will Smith son Jaden Smith death
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Stand up comedian Robin Williams opened our eyes to the stark picture of depression that’s inflicting millions of people today. It could be that Will Smith son Jaden Smith death rumors have been sparked by his openly disconsolate personality.

But Jaden Smith isn’t always that way, in fact, many depressed celebrities are often seen in public celebrations, they habitué high-end parties, and it’s partly due to their role in society, their way of living.

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It can often be unforgiving in the sense that one loses personal space and privacy being a public figure. From celebrities like Robin Williams, Wayne Brady, Nicki Minaj, Ellen DeGeneres, etc. who’ve at some point or other undergone deep depression, it could be very difficult to tell if a person is inflicted with mental issues or not.

According to a report by Huffington Post Will Smith son Jaden Smith is much aware of his troubles fitting in society.

“I’ve always looked at life differently.” Jaden Smith said.

“I always knew no one was going to understand me — since before I could talk — and that’s why I was so quiet. I was very calm, very to myself. I could tell I felt about life differently than other kids; I could tell by the way they treated me.”

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Jaden Smith has been seen recently, looking much in love with gf Sarah Snyder, but their relationship, too, had been shaky, attacked with rumors of Sarah Snyder’s infidelity, backed up with photographs of her in bed with another guy.

Could this be a factor to Jaden Smith’s depression and suicide rumors? Is his deep mistrust for Sarah Snyder eating him up inside?

According to a report by Health Aim the 18-year-old actor Jaden Smith death rumors were heightened after the actor allegedly committed suicide after attending a Drake concert.

He was said to be at the event together with Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth and Brandi, and although he turned out to be okay and denied any of it, stories of personal struggle, suicide or death persists.

Photo courtesy: El Seven/Flickr

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