Wolverine 3 update: The Reavers as the main villains

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Rumors are in that the “The Reavers” will be one of the probable villains in “Wolverine 3” starring Hugh Jackman as the adamantium-powered mutant.

Nerdist reports that a source “close to the production” claims that the “ The Reavers” will battle Wolverine in the new next installment of the franchise set for release in 2017.

Jackman is set to reprise his role as Wolverine/Logan in the film reportedly being pegged as a “Rated-R” movie, owing to the recent success of the “Deadpool” movie starring Ryan Reynolds.

Who are “The Reavers”, the probable villains in Wolverine 3?

“The Reavers are a team of cyborgs, humans who have received bionic implants to enhance various aspects of their physiology. Originally a band of mercenaries led by Bonebreaker, Skullbuster, and Pretty Boy, the Reavers operated from out of a secret complex located underneath an abandoned town in the Australian outback,” Marvel.com’s profile on the probable Wolverine’s nemesis states in their website.

“Utilizing the teleportation powers of the mutant aborigine named Gateway, whom they enslaved into their service by threatening to defile land sacred to his people, the Reavers first clashed with the team of mutant heroes the X-Men after robbing the Hoan International Bank in Hong Kong. The X-Men followed the Reavers back to Australia and easily defeated them, claiming the cyborgs’ base for themselves.”

This will be the third installment of the “Wolverine” franchise after “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” in 2009 and the sequel “The Wolverine” in 2013. Jackman also starred as the feisty mutant in the X-Men movies in recent years including the recently released “X-Men: Apocalypse.”

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