Wrestlemania 32 update: Shane McMahon gets ready for Undertaker, taps striking coach Phil Nurse

Shane McMahon has given his all in his preparation to take on The Undertaker in Wrestlemania 32 as he tapped the services of Georges St-Pierre’s striking coach Phil Nurse.

As reported at Fox Sports, Shane will be making his wrestling comeback by taking on “The Phenom.” Part of his preparations noted Muay Thai coach Phil Nurse will be conditioning him as the 46-year old businessman has never undergone any formal training.

McMahon even posted videos of him doing kicks with Nurse as well as doing strengthening and conditioning with Jim Quinn.


He will definitely need all the help he can get if he ever wants to survive past The Undertaker in the scheduled “Hell in the Cell” match, which has proven to be the most physically challenging in professional wrestling since its inception in October 1997.

Unlike the steel cage match wherein exiting over the cage results in a win, only executing a pinfall or submission will result in a win. As in a steel cage match, disqualifications do not apply.

With McMahon pitted against The Undertaker, it dismisses the possibility of a John Cena comeback as he is still not physically cleared to wrestle as reported by Cagesideseats.

McMahon announced his resignation from the WWE back in 2009 that took effect in Jan.1, 2010. He would become the CEO of the multi-platform entertainment service company You On Demand in late-2010.

On July 12, 2013, McMahon voluntarily stepped down as CEO of YOU On Demand and appointed Weikang Liu as his successor and remained as the company’s principal executive officer and Vice Chairman of the Board. He returned to WWE as an on-screen character in February 2016.

Photo Courtesy: David Seto/Wikimedia

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