WWE: Daniel Bryan aching not from injury, but from inactivity

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Daniel Bryan went from “Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!” to a resounding “No!”.

More than half a year since the former World Wrestling Entertainment heavyweight champion saw action inside the ring, he is still yet to get clearance to go back to dishing out clotheslines and jumping off from the top ropes.

The 34-year-old Bryan has been plagued by injuries in his professional wrestling career for the past couple of years. After being forced to relinquish his belt after WrestleMania 30 due to a neck injury, he also had to let go of his Intercontinental championship less than a month after winning it at WrestleMania 31 last March.

Being away from the action certainly frustrates Bryan and it does not help that his wife and WWE Diva Brie Bella, is often on the road competing in live events while he stays at home.

He has yet to be cleared by WWE doctors before he can step back into the “squared circle.”

“My wife is a wrestler, so she is on the ring, and I am just sitting, it is difficult… when I am upset, when I am angry, wrestling was always there as an outlet.. I could go, drop and kick… you can call your mom and you can call your sister… but sometimes you just need a physical outlet… I don’t know how to cope with this situation,” Bryan said in an interview with The Statesman.

Bryan has been away from the ring since April due to complications brought about by a concussion. He’s been cleared by an independent neurologist since then but WWE doctors have yet to do the same.

But should he not be given the green light, the leader of the “Yes! Movement” said he has no plans of retiring. If the WWE does not take him back, Bryan is bent on wrestling elsewhere.

“Wrestling is always on my mind. I wake up in the morning and I think about wrestling, this is how my brain works,” Bryan stressed in his interview.

And while he’s waiting to have another chance at chasing another WWE championship, Bryan still does promotional tours for the company across the world.

He was recently in India to interact with fans and announce future live events in the country.

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