WWE: John Cena and Seth Rollins return date revealed, duo recovering lighting fast

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World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) fans have been waiting for a long time to see the return of John Cena.

They may have a reason to cheer as the 15-time WWE world heavyweight champion is healing remarkably well from his injury as former champion Seth Rollins is also on his way to full fitness.

According to sources within the company, many are expecting Cena to return in the WWE ring at WrestleMania 32. Rollins has been touted to return in May, as reported by dailywrestlingnews.com.

John Cena, who is the face of the company, is missing action since the beginning of 2016 down to a shoulder injury. The man on whom WWE depends for larger share of its revenue has not been seen on the television screen since then.

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Rollins on the other hand suffered a torn ligament on his knee, which forced him off WWE television late last year. The 29-year-old was having the time of his life as the top heel of the company and his injury held back the momentum he was gaining with his character. Although many believes that his time off the television screen might actually help the wrestler come back with more energy.

Losing Cena was a huge loss for the WWE. Vince McMahon, chairman and CEO of the company was looking to book Cena and the Undertaker together in WrestleMania. Considering the upcoming Mania as Undertaker’s last, it would have been amazing to see the two legendary figures battling it out at the center of the ring. However, an injury to the “Cenation” leader put a halt to his plans.

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However, with recent rumors, many are suggesting that WWE might pull off a surprise by letting Cena compete against The Undertaker. The dead man is due to face Shane McMahon at the pay-per-view event, but a twist to the plot can be made. Cena can be asked to represent on behalf of the younger McMahon.

As we all get closer to WrestleMania, the hype of John Cena’s return will increase even more. We just have to wait till we hear “My time is now” pop up on one of the arenas to be sure.

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