WWE Racism? Titus suspension highlights how poorly the company is run by Vince McMahon

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World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) wrestler and former professional football player Titus O’Neil was recently handed a ban for 90 days for grabbing company boss Vince McMahon’s arm. The ban was however reduced to 60 days but would still put the wrestler away from the upcoming WrestleMania 32.

On the recent episode of WWE’s flagship show RAW, Daniel Bryan gave a speech regarding his retirement from the sport. Post the segment, Titus O’Neil ‘playfully, physically” grabbed Vince McMahon’s arm. This led to Vince suspending the superstar on grounds of “unprofessional conduct”, as reported by New York Post.

The punishment to Titus seems strange considering that the incident took place off-air and that O’Neil does charity work more than any other WWE superstar.

Moreover, it’s extremely important for a WWE wrestler to feature in WrestleMania. The company has stripped him off the opportunity by suspending him.

WWE and Vince McMahon have an age-old reputation of being an alleged racist. O’Neil incident highlights the fact more stressfully even if the company or Vince tries to deny the allegations. Let’s consider the same act being done by John Cena. Would he suffer the same fate as the 38-year-old O’Neil?

Hours after being awarded with the suspension, Titus O’Neil took to his Instagram account to post a verse from the bible.

Fans have been equally vocal against Vince and took to social media to voice their disapproval of the decision.

O’Neil was crowned the 2015 “Celebrity Dad of the Year” by MEGA Dad Awards. He is considered to be WWE’s most dedicated charity man along with Cena.

WWE’s television rating is going down the drain for a long time, barring occasional jumps. Suspending O’Neil strongly highlights why.

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