Royal Rumble 2016 RESULTS: Intercontinental Championship match

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WWE Royal Rumble 2016 RESULTS: Intercontinental Championship match

The first match of the Royal Rumble 2016 was for the Intercontinental Championship between Dean Ambrose and Kevin Owens in a last man standing match.

After the bell both the wrestlers started trading punches immediately. Ambrose took the upper hand in the match by putting Owens in a corner. After a few beating, Owens delivered a kick to the gut to take control of the match.

However, it was not enough to take down Ambrose. Owens had to resort to several more chops on his chest. Ambrose then hit Owens with a running bulldog and sent Owens directly over the announce table. Much to the amusement of the crowd, announcer Cole got taken down by Owen as he flew over the table.

The crowd had their hearts in their mouth when Owen sent Ambrose through the steel barricades in the timekeeper’s area with a cannonball. However, Ambrose was able to get up on the count of 8. Owen kept on punishing Ambrose with constant blows from his Kendo stick.

Owens then went into the ring while Ambrose lay on the floor. For the majority of the match it was Owens who had control. It showed when he went under the ring to bring in the first chairs of the match. Owens sat on one of the chairs while waiting for the referee to count Ambrose out.

Ambrose got back into the ring and the fight continued. Both of them traded chair blows, power slams, suicide dives. However, none of them showed any sign of losing the battle.

The match went into an epic proportion with the crowd chanting “This is Awesome” time and again.

They continued trading counters and finally Ambrose hit a Dirty Deeds on Owens to start another count. Owens got out of it, so Ambrose hit another one on the steel chair. Owen got out of it once again.

Both the men showed amazing resolve and eagerness to win. They yelled “I hate you” towards each other as Ambrose rose to set up the table.

Ambrose tried to superplex Owens through the table but Owens countered it into a death valley driver to send Ambrose crashing through it.

Owens conjured five chairs in the ring to finish Ambrose off; however, Ambrose managed to get up and sent Owens through a pair of tables on the ringside.

That started referee’s count and it stopped at 10. Dean Ambrose retained his IC title. The match will go down as one of the best Last Man Standing matches of all time. What a way to start Royal Rumble 2016.

Winner: Dean Ambrose

Picture courtesy: ambreignsfans.tumblr.com

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