WWE Rumors: Dwight Howard, Shaquille O’Neal as tag team partners in future event?

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Dwight Howard will be the next NBA player jumping into the WWE bandwagon basing on a recent interview with the Atlanta Hawks center. New WWE rumors state that “D12” could partner with “The Big Diesel” Shaquille O’Neal on top of the ring.

“Of course,” Howard stated in an interview with TMZ Sports. “I like to entertain people. I’ll get down there and scream and yell and suplex somebody, RKO outta nowhere.”

Howard was asked about Shaquille O’Neal’s upcoming WWE appearance against Big Show and said that the Big Show will edge out Shaq in the match. Shaq first appeared in an WWE event, WrestleMania 32 last April 3, 2016 and was the surprise celebrity in the Battle Royal. He faced off with Big Show and both were eliminated.

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Howard is open to following Shaq in the WWE ring. Like Shaq, Howard also played for the Orlando Magic before playing for the Los Angeles Lakers in their NBA career. Howard signed with the Atlanta Hawks this year.

In the article poll at WWE, the site asked if a tag team of Shaq and Howard will work in WWE and fans welcomed the idea.

Watch Howard’s interview about appearing in the WWE in the future.

Video Courtesy: YouTube/TMZSports

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If Howard appears in an WWE event, he will join other sports celebrities who tried out wrestling. Aside from Shaq, other sports celebrities who appeared in WWE are Ronda Rousey from MMA, Floyd Mayweather and Mike Tyson from boxing, Reggie White, Lawrence Taylor, William Perry from the NFL, Tommy Lasorda, Bob Uecker and Pete Rose from MLB.

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