WWE Rumors: Paige exit coming after suspension

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Paige is still suspended by the WWE and there are rumors that the suspension is because of a failed drug test and her exit from the wrestling outfit is coming after her ban.

Paige herself denied the rumors of her exit after the suspension, which also included a real life partner Alberto Del Rio, who departed from the company last September 9.

“Although I was disappointed by my suspension, I respect the WWE’s wellness policy. However, let me be clear that I was not suspended for failing a drug test, it was mere due to a procedural issue. I took the test, I passed it,” Paige stated via Instagram and Twitter.

“I arranged said test to happen after I wasn’t at my home when Aegis contacted me. So I drove 200 miles to do it. Unfortunately, I didn’t do it in time, according to Aegis.
Once again, thank you for all the love and support!”

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The WWE does not make available to the public the reason for suspensions so it’s not clear if involves a failed drug test. But Paige has denied it so there could be other reasons why she’s on a 30-day ban.

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According to other WWE rumors, Paige will reportedly appear in the September 19 show of WWE Raw because of some injuries. This will confirm Paige’s exit rumors are false. Paige might come back and challenge other contenders like Charlotte and Sasha Banks for the WWE Women’s championship.

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