X Factor Australia 2016 Top 5: Beatz leave show, Vlado Saric moves on

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X Factor Australia 2016

After an intense X Factor Australia 2016 live round, wherein the top five found themselves vying for the remaining spots to move on to the grand finals, it was Mel B who seemed to be put on the losing end with two of her acts falling to the bottom two.

And by the end of the episode, it was her talents solo artist Vlado Saric going up against Beatz in a head to head battle that ultimately saw the Spotify front-runner go on to the next round. And with the ousting of Beatz, X Factor Australia 2016 again goes without a group winning the title.

Beatz, which performed Destiny’s Child’s song Survivor, just could not seem to muster up any love from judges Adam Lambert, Iggy Azalea and Guy Sebastian, who all unanimously voted their competition. Vlado Savic, meanwhile, chose to sing Major Lazer’s Cold Water, sending him to the coveted finals, joining fellow contestants Amalia Foy, Isaiah Firebrace and Davey Woder.

The performances of the two contestants can be seen below.

It was not an easy choice for the three judges, with Adam simply trusting “his gut.” Iggy on the other hand, admitted that she has always been a fan of the singer even calling Vlado her “favorite” among the finalists. But it was Guy Sebastian who seemed to have the hardest time deciding, rambling on (to probably) stall before announcing his choice between the bottom two.

Could his indecisiveness be due to the reports that he is threatened by Vlado, who many are saying is the strongest contender of Isaiah Firebrace? From his last performances of I Wanna Dance With Somebody and Perfect Strangers, though, it may as a surprise that Firebrace and Sebastian should even feel any threat from Vlado.

Are Guy Sebastian’s fears all for naught? Or will Vlado Saric will bounce back from being in the bottom two?

It’s probably all or nothing now for the contestants of X Factor Australia 2016, so make sure to see them give it their best next Sunday.

Photo Courtesy: Fab Bratz Shows/ Flickr

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