Video Games you Never Thought were Played Professionally

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NBA 2K17 gameplay update
Photo Courtesy: NBA 2K 2K17/Twitter

Sports and video games have gone hand in hand ever since the inception of the concept of the video game. The first video game ever created was “Tennis for Two”, a simulated game of tennis created by American physicist William Higinbotham 1958.

In the six decades that have passed ever since, we’ve seen every type of sport released in every form of a video game, from Canadian online slots casino games you can play at the All Slots to complex simulations of the sports themselves and the management activities behind them running on the latest gaming PCs and consoles. Some of them, like the sports-themed slots of the All Slots and the many mobile games circulating today, are usually played casually, while others have a massive professional gamer community behind them, and they are even played competitively. So, here are the true eSports games you never thought of that way.

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