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Cristiano Ronaldo angry at reporter & throws microphone into the lake

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Cristiano Ronaldo
Photo courtesy: UEFA EURO 2016/Twitter

Cristiano Ronaldo may be scoreless so far in the EURO 2016 tournament but he does not fail to show his aggression to a reporter from CMTV- the TV station of Portuguese newspaper Correio da Manha.

The team captain grabs the microphone as the reporter asks him about his  readiness for today’s game against Hungary and threw it into the lake.

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Cristiano Ronaldo has been aiming to be the first player to score at the European championship for four consecutive years, and in the process, keep up his team’s pride by consistently reaching the quarterfinals of the tournament. Instead, they find themselves up against the wall when they face Hungary.

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Losing could mean an embarrassing result of elimination; a strong possibility that is a stark contrast to what they had in mind before the competition. Portugal’s fans are worried. They look up to their superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo, who takes a silent walk with his team after training and looks out to the lake as if to search for answers.

Ronaldo had draws flak for dissing Iceland’s players that ended in a 1-1 draw and for missing a penalty, which resulted in a scoreless match with Austria. He was also criticized for his comments against the Austrian players for celebrating after their match like had won the championship.

Ronaldo successfully pursued a case against Correio da Manha for printing a story of his private life, which might explain his anger against its TV reporter. But he might not be successful this time with the challenges he’s facing in the tournament. He looks disturbed, morose and angry with himself.

He has not scored in thirty-six free-kick attempts at major tournaments, but the team coach Fernando Santos says, “He will carry on taking free-kicks and penalties. We have someone who is the standard-bearer for our country, and we do love him. The Portuguese love Cristiano.”

Winning means the world for Cristiano Ronaldo and now it is weighing him on his shoulders.


Photo courtesy: UEFA EURO 2016/Twitter

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