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Euro 2016: England’s Daniel Sturridge kicks in a last-minute goal

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Daniel Sturridge

England has bounced back from their draw against Russia for a last minute win courtesy of Daniel Sturridge. England’s meeting with Wales has always been favorable for them with 66 wins, 21 draws and 14 losses.

Meanwhile, Wales’ starting lineup comes back to its original form with Hal Bryan-Nwankwo fully recovered. Gareth Bale is also present, proving to be one of Wales’ lethal players.

Robson-Kanu overpowers Smalling

On two instances, Robson-Kanu showed his might against Smalling. On two separate occasions, Smalling loses out to Robson-Kanu’s force.

No handball for Ben Davies

Offense and defense have both been tight on both sides. This made the match goalless for more than an hour. As England and Wales get pressured to make a goal, tensions rise. Sterling tries for a goal as Wales rise up to the task of defending their net. The ball hits Ben Davies’ arm.

England appeals for a handball. However, the referee did not give in to the appeal, citing it as unintentional.

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Gareth’s Goal

Getting a free kick at 35 yards out, Gareth swung a mighty lefty and had the ball surging way past England’s wall of defenders before Joe Hart’s eyes. However, Hart’s goalkeeping skills were not enough to keep the ball outside of the net.

Because of that free kick, Wales led England with a 1-0.

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England’s Daniel Sturridge for the Win

On a quick turn of events, Daniel Sturridge finds the best position to pass it back to Jamie Vardy. Thanks to Wales’ Williams, the ball reaches Vardy and England’s forward sends it in a smashing fashion, leaving Wales’ goalkeeper Wayne Hennessey helpless.

England momentarily gets a strong hold of the game and starts pressuring Wales but is unable to commit a goal. With three minutes more to the game time, Sturridge passes the ball to Vardy again but Vardy loses it. Alert Daniel Sturridge catches the ball and closes the game with a spectacular goal. With a minute to spare, England owns the match with a 2-0.

Photo courtesy: UEFA Euro 2016/Twitter

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