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Euro 2016: Iceland out to prove Cristian Ronaldo wrong

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Iceland made their debut at the European Cup this year with their first match against Portugal.

Scoring a goal but ending the match in a draw, Iceland still has a lot of spunk to show. Though this did not hinder the team from celebrating their first goal at their first major international tournament.

Sharing the debut with Albania, Iceland is also the smallest nation to join the tournament. With only 330,000 citizens, Aron Gunnarsson and his team feels their people solid support.

“There’s a lot of interest, it’s the first time the football team has been in the finals and even before that the tournament always interested people back home,” the midfielder told Goal.

Despite Ronaldo’s bitter comments against Iceland’s all-defense strategy, Aron and his team remain positive.

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“It’s going mental in Iceland, it’s perfect, we can feel it, we embrace it and will try to use it in a good way,” he added.

Meanwhile, the team still has a lot to fight for as they end up tied in a second place with Portugal.

For the meantime, they will be facing Hungary. They met for a total of 6 times during qualifiers. Iceland won the first three meetings while Hungary claimed the latter three.

“Iceland are a different team, they play very physically, they are very disciplined, and they play a different tactical style,” Bernd Storck told UEFA.

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While both teams have players who are just one yellow card away from suspensions, Iceland has no injured players.

Coach Lars Lagerbäck has also expressed hopes for favorable outcome.

“We have two matches coming up and we’re going for three points in both. We want first of all to qualify, but also to have as good a position as possible in the group. So we’ll definitely go for a win,” Lagerbäck said.

Photo Courtesy: Facebook/KSÍ – Knattspyrnusamband Íslands

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