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Euro 2016: Portugal & Cristiano Ronaldo continue on a losing spell

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Cristiano Ronaldo
Photo courtesy: UEFA EURO 2016/Twitter

It seems Cristiano Ronaldo is dealing with some bad juju after saying bitter comments against Iceland’s strict defense strategy.

What could have been a historic 128th appearance for Ronaldo also became the worst for CR7’s career. He may have beaten Luis Figo’s record of appearance for Portugal but his mistakes have dwarfed the accomplishment, BBC notes.

He missed wide open opportunities and a penalty shot at the 79th minute. This has been one of the worst performances from the man who belittled Iceland’s celebration for their first Euro goal.

As he sent a header towards Portugal’s net, it was not meant to be for the Portugal captain as he is found on the offside.

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Certainly a bad night for Ronaldo as he put in a lot of effort to bring Portugal a win.

Though the match against Austria ended with a goalless draw, Cristiano Ronaldo surprisingly remained in good spirits.

Unlike his reaction when Iceland midfielder Gunnarsson asked for a shirt swap, Ronaldo graciously accommodated a fan who rushed to the football field for a selfie.

Does this mean Ronaldo has realized how karma works? A couple of weeks earlier, he gave Real Madrid their Champions League trophy. However, the tides have turned leaving him beset with goalless losses and missed shots.

However, Cristiano Ronaldo never gave up the game. He launched a one-man attack for Portugal for the majority of the match. He ended up sending ten shots in the game against Austria. Ronaldo has had 20 goal-scoring opportunities at Euro 2016, all of which were either wasted, blocked or simply not converted, Fox Sports reports.

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Cristiano Ronaldo still has a chance to redeem himself when Portugal next meets top team Hungary in their group stage match.

Only their next match will tell if the bad karma has worn off or CR7 is on the downhill trend in his football career.

Photo courtesy: UEFA EURO 2016/Twitter

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