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EURO 2016 security tightens ahead of England’s match against Wales

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After the violent encounter of the fans during Russia and England’s clash last Saturday, the EURO 2016 security officials upped their security operation ahead of England and Wales match on Thursday in Stade Velodrome in Marseille, France.

Over 150 Russian hooligans are said to be behind a violent encounter with the English fans last Saturday after Russia’s 1-1 draw with England in the group B opening fixture of EURO 2016.

Two Russian fans and several English fans, including a 16-year-old have been charged after the gruesome incident.

Both teams were warned by UEFA of disqualification if such behavior from the fans continue through their next games. Meanwhile, Russia has been fined $160,000 and was given suspended disqualification.

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Following the incident, security has been increased for the England-Wales match on Thursday as Russia will be playing against Slovakia in Lille on Wednesday.

Over 4,000 French police will be sent on duty, and French officials have been given the authority to ban alcohol in stadiums.

More British police officers have been deployed to France to ensure further safety, but according to Home Secretary Theresa May, the number of police officials sent cannot be revealed for “operational reasons.”

British officials called “spotters” will also be observing during the match, and will be identifying troublemakers.

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Meanwhile, England striker and captain Wayne Rooney and England manager Roy Hodgson has asked on a video for the English fans to behave well during the upcoming matches of England.

“I’m appealing to you to stay out of trouble to try and make certain these threats that are being issued are never carried out and we will be able to do the best we can to stay in the competition.” said Hodgson.

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