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Euro 2016: What’s next for Sweden after a 0-1 loss against Italy?

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After a strong finish against Ireland, Sweden is back again in the losers box against Antonio Conte’s tactical team.

Though Zlatan Ibrahimovic started strong and tried to create plays to deliver a goal, the Italians have fenced him far and off the net. Ibrahimovic goes for the goal at multiple times but misses.

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Despite the Italians lack of zeal throughout the game, Sweden still struggled to make a goal. Meanwhile, the second half started with hopes for the fans that the players will start creating great plays for the ball and the goal. However, Sweden continued to take possession of the ball and make uneventful plays. The Italians started revving up their engines around the 76th mark.

Eder, who stayed in the periphery throughout the game’s majority, made a last-minute goal at the 88th-minute mark, The Telegraph notes.

As Sweden lost, they continue their group stage match looking for a win against Belgium. They also desperately need a goal of their own if they want to see a quarterfinal match.

As the team’s plays center around Zlatan Ibrahimovic, it may be time for them to reconsider their playmaking strategy too.

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However, the odds are against Ibrahimovic’s team as their history against Belgium is riddled with losses. Their last meeting at the European championship was in 2000 where Belgium beat them with a 2-1 score. Meanwhile, their more recent meetings in the FIFA World Cup also have Sweden at the losing end of the match.

If Sweden wants to stay longer for Euro 2016, they need to make the most out of their next match. From supporting their lone elite player and team captain Zlatan Ibrahimovic to acting on the inspiration and plays he creates, Sweden knows it needs a goal and a win to progress.

Photo courtesy: Svenska Fotbollslandslagen/Facebook

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