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Bahrain GP: Felipe Massa admits Williams F1 strategy failed

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Bahrain Grand Prix

Williams F1 driver Felipe Massa has expressed his frustration after Williams F1 Racing chose the wrong strategy in the recently held Bahrain Grand Prix.

Massa said that Williams simply got its race strategy wrong for Bahrain Grand Prix, a race that saw the Brazilian drop from second on the opening lap to eight in the finish.

Both Williams F1 drivers Felipe Massa and Valtteri Bottas  made a strong run in the race, with Massa slotting in behind the pack leader Nico Rosberg of the Mercedes F1 Racing Team.

The 34-year-old racer showed reasonable pace on the super-soft tyres, but that speed fell away when he swapped to the mediums as Williams changed plans and attempted to make a two-stop strategy work.

“I was so happy after Turn 1, after going from seventh to second, and so I’m disappointed I finished eighth.

“Definitely our strategy didn’t work, to go for two stops compared to all of the other teams,” Massa said via the Motorsport.

“I’m disappointed, it was a race where we were supposed to score more points, it was a race to learn a little bit more about the front wing. I think we couldn’t do any of them, so we scored little points.

“I think the race pace on the medium tyres was really disappointing compared to the race pace from the other cars. The first stint was OK, the super soft feeling, but after not, ” Massa added via the Eurosport.

The Brazilian driver also denied that a lack of soft tyres had forced his team to focus on mediums, and said that it wasn’t a case of the team not having enough sets of the right compounds but rather that it had always planned to run two stints on the mediums.

“Actually, we had brand new tyres, we’d just used them for an installation lap, we didn’t use them so much, to be honest. It was just the strategy didn’t work properly,” Massa said via the Motorsport.

The Williams F1 team ran a new nose and front wing on Felipe Massa’s F1 car in Bahrain GP after rushing to fly it out in time on Saturday. However, Massa, who ran the new front wing and shorter nose from Saturday onward, has made only two stops.

Picture Courtesy: Malte89N/Wikimedia Commons

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