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F1 News: Major fuel upgrade to boost McLaren-Honda’s performance in the upcoming Canadian Grand Prix

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Major fuel upgrade from ExxonMobil is set to boost McLaren Honda’s hopes in the upcoming Canadian Grand Prix. The new fuel spec, which is the first upgrade since the start of the F1 season, was created at the company’s US-based R&D facility and have been tested on Honda’s dynos in Japan and United Kingdom.

McLaren-Honda has been disappointed by its recent performance in Monaco GP, despite Fernando Alonso finishing fifth and both cars scoring points. McLaren also sees the Canadian circuit potentially even more difficult for the team. Reports said that straight line sections punctuated by slow corners and chicanes have dominated the entire Circuit Gilles Villeneuve circuit in Montreal, Canada.

To deal with these kinds of challenges, McLaren decided to start focusing on the aerodynamic section of the F1 car to avoid drag and help the newly upgraded Honda engine to race smoothly on the long straights of the Montreal circuit.

In addition, McLaren also working on improving the braking performance of its car, which was their major weakness in the last year’s F1 race. Finally, McLaren hopes that the upcoming major fuel upgrade will boost their chance of making a good race in the upcoming Canadian Grand Prix.

Bruce Crawley, global motorsport technology manager Bruce Crawley at ExxxoMobil, said in a statement, via the Motorsport.com.

“The interesting thing about this technology we’re putting into the engine spec for Montreal is it’s very much an enabling technology. The fuel technology has the potential, with changes and evolution of the engine hardware, to extract even more performance.”

Tech manager Crawley also added that the major fuel upgrade will give Honda’s and the fuel company’s scientists and engineers additional scope to collaboratively develop power unit technology and output.

McLaren-Honda is a British F1 racing team based in Woking, England. McLaren is the second oldest active team after the Italian outfit Scuderia Ferrari. It also one of the most successful teams in F1 history, amassing 182 races, 12 drivers’ championships and eight constructors’ championships.

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