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F1 2016: Haas brake problems down to ‘tolerance’, change of supplier won’t fix it

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Photo courtesy: Twitter.com/HaasF1Team

Gene Haas, founder of the Haas F1 team recently revealed that the team’s brake problems in Formula 1 (F1) won’t be an easy fix. The 63-year-old believes that the problems are very deep-rooted and a change of the supplier won’t be enough to solve the issue.

“Somehow, if maybe the tolerances are a little loose, or whatever, it allows the carbonfibre to work itself and to fail. So it could be a tolerance problem.” Haas said, as reported by Autosport.

The man from Youngstown, Ohio shredded more light on the team changing the supplier to fix the problem.

“It’s probably not as simple as saying it’s an issue with the supplier. It’s some process or tolerance problem we just don’t have a good handle on right now.” Haas added.

Esteban Gutierrez was the latest victim of Haas F1’s constant brake-related issues throughout the season. Gutierrez’s brakes went off at Turn 11 on lap 19 of the United States Grand Prix and the 25-year-old was forced to head into the pits, resulting in a Did Not Finish (DNF).

Gutierrez’s team-mate in the Haas F1 team, Romain Grosjean has also been on the receiving end of several brake related issues this season. The most important ones were in Japan and Malaysia, which the 30-year-old described as dangerous. Surprisingly, The Haas F1 team has suffered a total of 5 brake related DNF’s this season so far.

Guenther Steiner, team boss recently revealed that they are considering switching to Carbone Industrie discs. The engineers will be testing the different materials ahead of the Brazilian Grand Prix with a hope of making some progress in fixing the issue.

“We will test different materials. We need to do something, as we cannot keep breaking them.” Steiner explained to Motorsport.com.

Photo courtesy: Twitter.com/HaasF1Team

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