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F1 to discuss three engines limit plan

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At the recent meeting in Geneva, the F1 engine manufacturers have discussed the changes about the Formula One’s power unit regulations. The group have agreed to a new restriction on the use of engines, which proposed from 2018 to use only three engines on one F1 pilot.

Currently, the F1 pilot has the right to use five F1 engines, reducing the numbers to three engines will allow F1 teams to deliver reduced costs. However, the plan still need approval from the F1 Strategic Group and F1 Commission.

The manufacturers believe that the best way to reduce costs and help performance is to reduce the numbers of F1 engines allowed for season.

The move has earned preliminary support from F1 engine manufacturers but a meeting of the F1 Strategy Group and F1 Commission later this month will see whether this three engine limit plan is accepted and put into action.

Mercedes F1 boss Toto Wolff said in statement, via the Motorsport.com. “There are two weeks to go until we have our final commission and Strategy Group meeting in order to come up with the regulations.

“On the engine front we are pretty much there. We have an agreement which needs to be ratified by the stakeholders, but there are lots of benefits for most of the teams in that agreement. So I am hopeful that they will be done.”

Ferrari president Sergio Marchionne made a statement about the engine limit, Marchionne said that development costs of the current power units had now stabilized, and that delivering rules that meant the current units could remain would help bring down expenditure.

The proposed engine limit will be voted through the F1 World Council later this year, and will come into full implementation in 2018. The detail of the engine supply will be an interesting one, which there’s a logical push to stipulate a minimum number of F1 teams an engine manufacturer must supply.

Picture Courtesy: Morio/Wikimedia Commons

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