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F1: Haas warns rivals, danger is coming

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Haas F1 Team
Gutiérrez follows teammate James Calado in 1st place out of the first corner at the 2012 Malaysian Sprint race.

In an earlier report, Haas F1 Racing Team has announced that it’s aiming for game consistency. Haas F1 Racing Team principal Gunther Steiner, who previously worked in Formula One with Jaguar and then Red Bull Racing, said that achieving the fifth position in the F1 championship is slightly out of reach, but his team’s primary goal, for now, is just to get points at every race.

Steiner also believes that his Haas team’s success in the first two Formula 1 races of the season will encourage more new teams to join the racing series. Haas made a huge performance in its recent races, scoring sixth on its debut in Australian Grand Prix and fifth in Bahrain Grand Prix.

And today, the F1 team is taking a bold move, warning rivals about its great performance. The American outfit has warned its rivals that there is even more, performance to come from its Formula One racing car over the next few years.

“I think there is more potential in the car that we haven’t discovered, and once we have got a stable platform, we will put on developments. But maybe we have got the next race already some developments,” Haas principal Gunther Steiner said in a statement, via the Motorsport.

Haas F1 Racing is Formula One’s first completely new team since 2010, when Lotus Racing, Hispania and Virgin Racing made their debuts. The American racing team has inked a partnership with another Formula One team, the Italian giant Scuderia Ferrari. Haas sourced most of their components from the Italian racing giant team, including engine and gearbox plus access to the Ferrari’s wind tunnel and the latest engine specifications.

Haas is the first Formula One team to use this ‘non-listed parts’ model and Steiner believes the results so far have vindicated that approach.

Although the American team does not have the kind of development budget and vast resources of its big rivals and depends on Ferrari for much of its F1 technical works, the team still has scope for improvement.

“We are not standing still, will we have developments every race? No, obviously not. But we will not sit still and not do anything because then you fall back and it is automatic.

“So we will not have as much development as the big teams, but we will be in the ballpark with all the other teams in the midfield,” Steiner said in a statement, via the Motorsport.

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