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F1 News: Bernie Ecclestone is chaos, Ross Brawn reveals as he considers return

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Photo courtesy: Matthew Lamb/Wikipedia

Formula One (F1) legend Ross Brawn has given his opinion on Bernie Ecclestone, the chief executive of the sport. He has termed the 86-year-old as chaotic and impulsive in decision making. Brawn has also hinted of returning back to the sport, but not to improve any particular team, but the sport on the whole.

“I have no issues with Bernie. What we have today is primarily down to Bernie’s creation. I just got frustrated because my approach is methodical and structured and Bernie’s is chaotic and impulsive.” Brawn said, as reported by The Daily Telegraph.

However, the 61-year-old is interested to see what happens when the two ideologies come together. He feels that the combination would be “interesting”.

With certain controversies surrounding F1 at the moment regarding where the sport is heading, Christian Horner, Red Bull boss said that the ideal candidate to improve the sport at this moment is Brawn. The inclusion of the British in the sport would help improve it.

Ahead of the Mexican Grand Prix, Brawn replied to Christian’s statement.

“That was nice to hear from Christian. That’s how I like to be involved in the sport. I would never go back to a team. For sure, trying to help F1 become a better F1 would be appealing. It would be the one thing that could be interesting.” Brawn added.

The man from Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire, England mentioned that F1 needs a three-year and a five-year plan. According to the former technical director of Benetton and Ferrari, the sport lacks an ideal structure and implementing a plan would help it over a long time, according to motorsport.com.

Speaking on Nico Rosberg’s challenge for the F1 World Championship title, Brawn said he would be happy to see the German come out on top.

Photo courtesy: Matthew Lamb/Wikipedia

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