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F1 News: FIA implements new tyre pressure checks to prevent teams using trick systems

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The FIA has changed the way it will check tyre pressures ahead of the Austrian Grand Prix, in a bid to prevent F1 teams using ‘trick systems’ to get around the minimum tyre pressures limits.

Following months of speculation that some outfits had found ways to artificially raise or manipulate the tyre pressure once tyres were fitted to the cars.

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In a note sent to F1 teams on Friday morning, F1 race director Charlie Whiting confirmed that from now on new and used tyre pressures would be checked before being fitted to cars in practice and qualifying, starting at this weekend’s Austrian Grand Prix.

The goal is to prevent F1 teams from potentially raising or manipulating the tyre pressure to a level that will deliver better performance.

Reports said that some F1 teams used a heated brake to raise temperature and pressures after the tyres were fitted in the car.

The FIA said the new tyre measuring procedure will force all F1 teams to comply with the limits imposed by F1 tyre provider Pirelli, but they will allow making some adjustments if their tyres are well above the mandated levels.

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However, according to FIA race director Whiting, F1 teams will not be allowed to release air from the tyres after the tyre checks have taken place.

In addition, Pirelli Motorsport director Paul Hembery has told Motorsport.com recently that Pirelli was eager for action to be taken to avoid the possibility of an F1 team using trick systems to get around tyre pressure limits.

Since the Monaco Grand Prix, the FIA has been closely monitoring the tyre pressures of all F1 teams, trying to get a better knowledge of what they are up to. The results of this massive monitoring understood having prompted the FIA to introduce the new procedures.

Picture Courtesy: Leo Hidalgo /Wikimedia Commons

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