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F1 News: German GP cancelled for 2017, Hockenheim boss confirms

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Photo courtesy: Schlurche/Wikimedia

Formula One (F1) will not have a German Grand Prix in its calendar for 2017. Hockenheim, the historic F1 circuit is off the sports’ calendar for next year.

“There was no offer that would have excluded all economic risks. But just that was always our prerequisite. A pity, but not a surprise considering that the date was subject to confirmation and no deal between F1 and the Hockenheimring was put in place.” George Seiler, Hockenheim boss told German publication AutoBild.

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As a result of Hockenheim’s exit, F1 will have just 20 races in 2017, as compared to a record 21 this year.

The Hockenheim race was slated for July 20, 2017. The Hungarian Grand Prix will reportedly shift the date from July 23, the last race ahead of F1’s traditional summer break shut down period, as reported by perthnow.

The German Grand Prix is the third race to make noise in recent weeks about departing the F1 calendar. Malaysia has already declared its exit from the sport after 2018. Singapore is reportedly considering its future as well.

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Ecclestone reveals reason behind Hockenheim exit

Bernie Ecclestone, F1 chief executive did state earlier that the German Grand Prix was in trouble. The 86-year-old cited lack of interest as one of the reason for the event’s departure from the country.

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“I don’t know how we could ever save that race. It’s commercial. What is incredible is that we’ve had all the German World Champions, they [Mercedes] have won the constructors’ championship, and will win the drivers’ championship for sure, and there’s no interest in Germany.” Ecclestone said to Motorsport.com.

Photo courtesy: Schlurche/Wikimedia

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