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F1 News: Jenson Button want’s drivers to be tested for PEDs

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Photo courtesy: Ben Novakovic/Wikimedia

McLaren-Honda driver Jenson Button wants World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) to be stricter when it comes to Formula One (F1). The 36-year-old driver feels that the agency is dropping the ball when it comes to the sport.

“I have not been tested this year. I don’t know of any drivers who have been tested recently. They used to test during the winter, but random testing seems to have stopped,” he said. “We used to do urine tests after the races, but that stopped too.” Button said, as reported by autoweek.

However, the one-time F1 World Champion has admitted that performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) have less influence on motor racing as compared to other endurance sports. But, with the 2017 season becoming more faster and tougher for the drivers, WADA must get more serious.

Meanwhile, the man from Frome, United Kingdom has also stated that F1 needs to have shorter races in order to capture the new generation. According to the 2009 F1 World Championship winner, it will be tougher to attract the younger audience with the current format.

“There will always be the fans of 10 or 20 years that will watch a whole grand prix, but we need to attract younger fans. To try and attract them to watch something for that long is very difficult.” Button said to Sky Sports.

Button drew comparison with Baseball in the United States of America (USA) which is also a long duration sport. However, the game is filled with something else when there is nothing happening on the pitch and that helps the viewership. This is something which needs to be done in F1 as well.

However, Button stressed on the fact that F1 was in good hands with Chase Carey and Liberty Media. It has to be noted that ever since Liberty Media has taken over the sport, there has been several ideas pitched to boost its global appeal.

Photo courtesy: Ben Novakovic/Wikimedia

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