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F1 News: Both Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg deserve to win the title, Toto Wolff says

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Photo courtesy: Stefan Brending/Wikimedia

Formula One (F1) heads into the final race of the 2016 season in Abu Dhabi. Both Mercedes drivers Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg are vying for the championship title. Toto Wolff, executive team director reveals his opinion on the current fortunate but strange position he finds himself in.

“I think both of them would deserve to win the title. Nico because he has been such a fierce competitor to Lewis all those years and he had technical problems in 2014, for example. And on the other side, Lewis wasn’t very lucky this year with his engine problems in Malaysia.” Wolff said to CNN ahead of the final race of the season.

Wolff is a former racing driver himself. He bought himself a share in Williams F1 in 2009. He then left to join the Mercedes board in 2013 and has since seen his team become the dominant force in the sport.

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Rosberg currently has the edge as he leads Hamilton by 12 points. The German will win his first world championship title if he manages a podium finish at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Hamilton on the other hand needs to finish ahead of Rosberg as well as on the podium to have any chance of holding on to his championship title.

Both Hamilton and Rosberg have nine victories under their belt this season. However, it is the British driver who has been on the receiving end of a few unfortunate events. The 31-year-old suffered his fourth engine failure last month in Malaysia, thus giving up his commanding lead in the race, as reported by Wall Street Journal.

Wolff added that the rivalry is not limited between the drivers. The two sides of the garages including the engineer and mechanics who cater exclusively to each driver are also divided between themselves.

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“That is a strength because you want them to be competitive, but on the other side it is a weakness. I try to keep as neutral as possible, not trying to give too much away to one and not to the other. So the best is just to stand back and to watch them.” The 44-year-old added.


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Will Mercedes dominance continue in F1?

Mercedes are on course to win their fifth and third consecutive F1 world championship title. However, Toto Wolff has admitted that the team has no time to relax and soak up the success.

“There is no such thing as enjoyment. The mentality in the team is to really look at the things where we haven’t been so good and to try to work on those weaknesses.” Wolff said.

The man from Vienna, Austria wants to make sure that in the future, he can look back and think, “that was quite a nice ride”.

Photo courtesy: Stefan Brending/Wikimedia

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