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F1 News: Max Verstappen cites conspiracy behind new blocking rules; takes blame for U.S. Grand Prix pit stop blunder

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Photo courtesy: Lala_77/Wikipedia

Red Bull Racing driver Max Verstappen believes that the new Formula One (F1) rule regarding clampdown on moving under braking to defend positions will make the sport less exciting. This is eventually harmful for the viewership of the sport.

“Ultimately, no, I think if anyone can just outbrake you while the other can do nothing under braking, then that does not seem very interesting.” Verstappen said, as reported by motorsport.com.

Charlie Whiting, race director of F1 issued a note to the teams ahead of qualifying in the United States Grand Prix. The note mentioned that drivers were outlawed from changing direction when they defended their position in a race.

The rule changes were a result of repeated complaints from other drivers regarding the style of Verstappen’s driving. The 19-year-old from Belgium had used certain robust techniques to hold on to his position during races which resulted in many incidents. This also includes the penultimate lap incident with Lewis Hamilton at the Japanese Grand Prix.

A number of drivers criticized Verstappen’s driving style on Friday night’s drivers briefing at the United States Grand Prix. Sergio Perez of Force India and two other Ferrari drivers, who had their own incidents with the Belgian earlier in the year, were the main complaint makers.

“If the driver in front can dive to the right, then the driver who is behind him can still move to the left. Because he’s even further away from the braking point than the driver in front.” Verstappen replied during the drivers briefing.

The man from Hasselt, Belgium suggested that this was all a sort of conspiracy from the other drivers in order to get past him easily in a race. Verstappen also added that he is unsure how he will behave in a race under the new guidelines.

Meanwhile, the Red Bull Racing driver has taken the blame for arriving at an unscheduled pit stop during the U.S. Grand Prix race. The former Toro Rosso-Ferrari driver has tagged the incident as “not very clever.”

“I thought that was the indication to box so I pulled into the pit lane and realized they didn’t box me. That was my fault and not very clever, but in the end it didn’t make any difference to the end result.” Verstappen confessed, according to ESPN.

The decision had little impact on the race result as the gearbox of Verstappen’s car failed which resulted in a Did Not Finish (DNF) for the driver.

Photo courtesy: Lala_77/Wikipedia

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