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F1 News: McLaren boss wants Fernando Alonso to extend stay beyond 2017

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Photo courtesy: Morio, Veilleux79/Wikipedia

Jost Capito, new McLaren Formula One (F1) boss revealed his desire of retaining Fernando Alonso beyond the 2017 season. The two-time F1 world champion has a contract with the team until the end of next season.

“If the car and the engine are good, and he enjoys the new rules, there is no reason why he shouldn’t stay” Capito said to BBC.

Capito, who became the CEO of McLaren Racing in September, was clear that Alonso’s decision will depend on how the new 2017 cars work. The 58-year-old stressed that it was important to keep Fernando in the team.

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F1 has introduced new rules for the 2017 season. The new rules will make sure that the cars will become five seconds a lap faster.

Alonso has repeatedly expressed his frustrations regarding the V6 Hybrid era. This is mainly because Honda, McLaren’s engine supplier has been unable to match the likes of Mercedes, Ferrari and Renault in terms of their speed and reliability, according to crash.net.

Tyre manufacturer Pirelli has also be tasked with providing tyres which will help the drivers push the limit in races. This has not been possible until now since the Italian company introduced fragile rubble six years ago.

Capito believes that his relationship with Alonso has increased quickly since joining the team. He credited this to his friendship with two-time Spanish world rally champion Carlos Sainz, who has a good friendship with the F1 driver.

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“Carlos has a good relationship with Fernando and I have a good relationship with Carlos – that helped quite a lot to create very quickly a very good and close relationship with Fernando.” The man from Neunkirchen, Germany added.

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How will McLaren fare in 2017?

McLaren finished the 2016 season at sixth place in the F1 constructors’ championship. This was an improvement from their ninth place finish in 2015 out of 11 teams.

2015 was the first year of McLaren and Honda’s renewed engine partnership. Capito is confident that the team will make significant progress in 2017.

“I expect improvement on the car from McLaren and a big step from Honda on the engine. It takes always a certain time to form a team with a new partner like this.” Capito stressed.

Both McLaren and Honda has been partners earlier, back from 1988-92. However, it was a long time back and new people are involved with the team. Hence, it will take time for both the parties to understand each other properly before making significant progress.

Photo courtesy: Morio, Veilleux79/Wikipedia

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