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F1 News: Talks over wet Pirelli tyres held by Mario Isola with drivers in Abu Dhabi

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Mario Isola, Formula One (F1) racing director attended the regular drivers’ briefing in Abu Dhabi on Friday. He discussed on Pirelli’s wet tyre design improvements.

This was after a number of leading drivers criticized the wet Pirelli after the rain-hit Brazilian Grand Prix. Isola discussed at length with the drivers, which also included Grand Prix Drivers’ Association (GDPA) director Sebastian Vettel.

“It was a very productive discussion because we do not test the wet tyres a lot in development tests or during events. So it is important to understand which are the areas and the direction we have to work to make a better product.” Isola said, as reported by autosport.com.

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Pirelli had earlier declared about their intentions to work and improve the tyres. Hence, the aim of the meeting was to better understand the concerns of the drivers and have a clear objective.

Isola mentioned that the drivers’ feedback will help better understand the targets. This will in turn provide a direction Pirelli needs to take in order to make improvements.

“We have to consider the different aspects of any decision and that is the point that is important to discuss.Once we agree this is the target, OK fine we all go in the same direction.” Isola added.

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Possibility of two different wet tyres

Isola provided an interesting scenario which could be seen in the future. Two different wet tyres could be introduced based on track characteristics.

“One aspect we consider in our analysis was that if we go to Silverstone, Suzuka or circuits that are high-energy, with rough Tarmac, or we go to Monaco, Brazil or other circuits that are smooth or have cold conditions, at the moment we have exactly the same tyre.” Isola said.

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Hence, two different wet-tyres could be a solution in the future. However, a team may not take both to one event.

Isola also gave a presentation on the Halo cockpit to the drivers. 21 drivers, who tested the protection device so far, provided their feedback.

Carlos Sainz happy with the discussion

Carlos Sainz, Toro Rosso driver has shown his satisfaction over the discussion with Isola. The 22-year-old revealed that all the drivers were helpful and did not show any anger.

“We are trying to give drivers’ feedback to try to improve the show next year and regarding the feeling with the Pirelli tyres in extreme conditions.” Sainz said, according to motorsport.com.

Photo courtesy: Phil Guest/Wikimedia

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