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F1 Rumors: Zika virus threatens Singapore Grand Prix; Teams reportedly to discuss event concerns

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Singapore Grand Prix Zika fears
Singapore Grand Prix Zika fears

There have already been close to 200 cases of the Zika virus reported in Singapore, just weeks before the Singapore Grand Prix, and Formula 1 teams are becoming disconcerted. In response, reports say that clubs are holding special meetings with their team members to discuss details about the event and the Zika virus.

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Teams have already taken precautionary measures, instructing members of their clubs to cover up despite the hot weather in Singapore. Mercedes F1 has reportedly distributed long-sleeve tops to their staff to reduce the risk of bites.

Some teams will be allowing their women staff to remain in the UK, should they choose to, in light of the situation. McLaren Racing Director Eric Boullier has also assured that they have been making additional efforts to ensure the safety and health of their drivers.

“We are supplying anti-mosquito products and long-sleeved outfits and we have sent yesterday a brief to everybody about how to take care and all the why, what and how about it,” Boullier told Reuters.

One of the members of Mercedes F1 team, driver Nico Rosberg, has already been casting some doubt and raising his own concerns about the current situation in Singapore. As a father, he has already spoken to his doctors regarding the risks of participating in the Singapore Grand Prix.

“As a family man now, yes, I will be very interested and look into it when the time comes. I have started discussions about it already,” Rosberg said to Reuters.

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Despite these concerns, the organizers are still confident that the event will push through as scheduled, assuring the safety for both teams and spectators.

“The comfort and safety of all our visitors, participants and staff within the Marina Bay Street Circuit is always our number one priority,” the organizers assured during an interview with Channel News Asia. “We will continue to work with all relevant Government agencies and implement any recommended precautionary measures as directed or deemed necessary.”

Should there be no further problems (and cases) regarding the Zika virus, the Singapore Grand Prix will take place from September 16 to 18.

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