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Fernando Alonso: ‘Hamilton would have won championship’ if he watched Rosberg’s data last season

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Photo courtesy: Morio/Wikimedia

McLaren Formula One (F1) driver Fernando Alonso revealed that Lewis Hamilton would have won the championship last season if he was watching more data from Nico Rosberg. The Spaniard also tagged Hamilton’s complaints about data sharing in F1 as “strange.”

“Mercedes are one of those teams that are using more of the data between the engineers to help the drivers, so he said something that was a little bit strange,” Alonso said at the launch of McLaren’s new MCL32, as reported by Sky Sports. “If he was watching more data from Rosberg last year, maybe he would have won the championship!”

Three-time F1 world champion Hamilton has previously criticized the use of data sharing in F1. The Brit has claimed the practice as being “unfair” that a team-mate could be able to analyze his braking points and driving line to improve his own performance.

“I go out, do my laps, do all my homework and the other guy can see everything. I have asked my team [about it],” Hamilton said to UBS Facebook Q&A. However, the 32-year-old later insisted that he wasn’t aiming the criticism towards Mercedes or his new team-mate Valtteri Bottas.

However, two-time F1 world champion Alonso, who partnered Hamilton at McLaren in 2007 took exception to the Englishman’s remarks. The Spaniard claimed that the 32-year-old could have won the championship last season instead of Rosberg if he was checking the data.

Mercedes offered Alonso Rosberg’s vacant seat

Alonso has claimed that Mercedes offered him the vacant seat left by Rosberg before the Silver Arrows gave it to Bottas. However, talks did not progress since he had a year remaining on his McLaren contract.

Speaking on Rosberg’s retirement, Alonso mentioned that he was surprised with the reigning world champion’s decision. The 35-year-old stated that the sport is like a “drug” to him and he could never think of stopping.

“I respect his decision, but if you are winning, you have that adrenaline, that final result you work for the year for in Formula 1… in my case I cannot stop. It’s like a drug,” Alonso stressed.

Speaking on the upcoming 2017 season, the man from Oviedo, Spain stated Mercedes to be very competitive. Red Bull will also be among the teams chasing the constructors’ championship.

“I expect Mercedes to still be very competitive. We saw their new car yesterday, which seems very well elaborated, and they have the advantage of the engine. They will be contenders. I am sure the Red Bull will be up there and hopefully we can put ourselves in that group,” Alonso added, as reported by BBC.

Photo courtesy: Morio/Wikimedia

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