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Ferrari believes that it can still win 2016 title despite further falling behind in the recent race

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Scuderia Ferrari boss Maurizio Arrivabene believes that an F1 title is still possible for the Italian outfit, despite falling further behind rival Mercedes in Monaco Grand Prix.

The team is now 67 points adrift of the championship lead and following Max Verstappen’s Spanish GP win, then followed by Daniel Ricciardo’s second place in Monaco GP. The gap with Red Bull has now closed to nine points.

The team blamed Ferrari’s qualifying performance in the Spain and Monaco race tracks for their underwhelming results of late, which the team has just scored 45 points, compared to Red Bull’s 55 points in the last couple of grands prix.

But the Ferrari chief insists that the season is far from over for the team and that there still hope for another title this season.

Ariivabene believes that the key to Ferrari’s campaign going forward lies in getting to the bottom of what is really going wrong with the qualifying, figuring out their mistakes. It also believes that the changing shape of the F1 championship battle, with F1 points leader Nico Rosberg of Mercedes getting some difficulty

Despite some frustrations at the Monaco Grand Prix, where a poor qualifying showing Ferrari drivers unable to win the race, and that both Ferrari drivers, Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen, still playing a catch-up game with the leading Mercedes drivers.

“I don’t want to find any excuses, but we were not good enough in Barcelona in Q3 and it has happened also here – and we paid the price during the race,” Arrivabene said in a statement, via the Motorsport.

“It was a heavy price to pay, but I take the lesson that we need to really understand where the problem is.

“If you compare Q1, it was more or less similar. Here in Q1 we were 1m14.1s and were slower in Q3. So there is the problem that we have to look for.”

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