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Ferrari in trouble? Has gone from chasing F1 titles to chasing dust?

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The debates continue whether Ferrari still can take on Mercedes for the 2016 Formula One world championship. The Maranello outfit has gone from targeting F1 title to digging itself out of a crisis, an Italian news agency reported. The Italian press has blasted Scuderia Ferrari for its poor performance in the recent Monaco Grand Prix.

Having aimed to chase and beat leader Mercedes this year, Scuderia Ferrari was in fact beaten to the win in Spanish Grand Prix by Red Bull Racing, and then to the Monaco podium by newcomer Force India. No doubt, the team is on serious trouble, a kind of trouble with no immediate solution.

The latest reports from media outlets showed that the Maranello outfit has failed to unseat Mercedes of its racetrack dominance. Not only had it failed to unseat the leading team Mercedes, Ferrari also continues to lose grounds to Red Bull, McLaren and more recently Force India. The message now is clear, Ferrari is no longer belong to the top predators of the race track.

Although it has shown great progress in the first four races of this season, it still failed to present a significant challenge to the dominant Mercedes team. Ferrari blamed the team’s qualifying performance in Spain and Monaco for their underwhelming results of late, which Ferrari has just scored 45 points, compared to Red Bull Racing that has scored 55 points in the couple of grand prix.

Analysts believe that the key to Ferrari’s campaign going forward lies in getting to the very bottom of what went wrong in their qualifying session, where poor qualifying performance showing Ferrari drivers unable to win the race.

Then, there’s the changing shape of the F1 championship battleground, where the crowd could see some new tyre and pole strategies like the one that has been used by Mercedes in the recent Monaco race.

Despite frustrations, Ferrari racing chief Maurizio Arrivabene is highly confident and still believes that an F1 title glory is still possible for the Italian outfit, despite falling behind archrival Mercedes in the recent Monaco Grand Prix.

Ferrari also believes that bad luck has caused them too many troubles in the racetracks. The team hopes that the upcoming Canadian Grand Prix would see some light of hope for them and a good start of winning an F1 title.

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