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Ferrari under investigation, F1 goes from racing to James Bond

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Formula One – Bahrain F1 Grand Prix – Sakhir, Bahrain – 03/04/16 – Ferrari F1 driver Kimi Raikkonen of Finland leaves the pits in his car after changing tires. REUTERS/Andrej Isakovic/Pool

Ferrari is currently under investigation by FIA for a possible violation of regulations around communications to drivers, according from a recent report by German publication Auto Motor und Sport.

The F1 governing body have already confirmed they are investigating this matter. If the FIA found out that Ferrari are acting outside the new FIA regulations, there will be penalties which could range from fines to possible points reductions.

FIA is reportedly looking into whether Ferrari stretched the new FIA radio rules. Reports said that FIA has been handed photographic evidence of a Ferrari pit board displaying coded messages like “3-2-LFS6-P1” at the Bahrain Grand Prix. However, it still not clear what the message meant or who it was for.

Earlier this year, FIA director Charles Whiting has confirmed that the FIA clampdown on communication between driver and racing team does not extend to the pitboard. FIA said that it will monitoring for any potential coded messages and watch on team that attempt get around the radio ban to illegally distribute information to the team and drivers. FIA will deployed engineers in race control and used software to listen for coded messages to ensure legality in the race.

According to FIA director Charlie Whiting, the radio ban will be implemented via a ‘permitted’ message, which detail what can be communicated between the racing team and driver. If those messages are found to deviate from this, the FIA will investigate and take action ranging from a warning to point reductions.

It probably comes as no big surprise that FIA are Ferrari over potential coded messages they may have informed the F1 drivers about the new rules regulating what the drivers and teams can communicate between one another.

However, the investigation is still in early stages and not much is known about the Ferrari’s coded messages. Still, it wasn’t hard to foresee or predict possible loopholes being used by racing teams in order to work around the radio communication restrictions.

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