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Ferrari not satisfied of its performance in the Canadian Grand Prix?

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Ferrari team principal Maurizio Arrivabene thinks that Ferrari is on the up and that, its hard work has started to pay off, even though the team missed out on victory in the Canadian Grand Prix on Sunday. Arrivabene also added that more work and progress is needed to beat the dominant Mercedes.

Although Ferrari team principal Maurizio Arrivabene has welcomed the progress that the team has made in the race, Arrivabene insists that the team must continue to work hard to deliver that elusive first F1 title of the season.

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“We must always be humble because we have to be conscious of where we are,” he explained. But the team has reacted well to understanding many things.

“We have understood clearly how to find the right balance of the car and how to work with the tyres. This weekend we still had a gap to Mercedes, it is not big but it is not enough. We need to work more to be able to win,” Ferrari boss Arrivabene said in a statement, via the Motorsport.com.

Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton has won that race after an intense battle with Ferrari’ Sebastian Vettel, who had a shot at victory following a huge start, but failed to make a two-stop strategy work at the Canadian Grand Prix in comparison to the one-stop for Lewis Hamilton.

Sebastian Vettel established a lead in the early stages of the Canadian race after a magnificent start from the third position on the grid, only for Ferrari to pit him early under a Virtual Safety Car period (which ended as he came into the pit lane) as part of an unexpected two-step tyre strategy move.

Forcing rivals Mercedes to revert Lewis Hamilton to a one-stop strategy, though Vettel retook the lead when his rival made his only single stop, Lewis Hamilton put in a measured performance to move back ahead at the German’s second stop before holding firm to the end of the race.

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Ferrari has committed a terrible error in the Canadian race, the team’s decision to take a two-stop tyre strategy has left the door open for Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton to steal the lead and take his second consecutive victory.

F1 insiders have questioned Ferrari’s decision to pit Vettel when he did given its track position advantage and apparent pace on Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton. Ferrari boss Arrivabene has already admitted the team’s wrong decision in putting Sebastian Vettel on a two-stop strategy.

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