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Ferrari takes biggest F1 payout

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Formula One – Bahrain F1 Grand Prix – Sakhir, Bahrain – 03/04/16 – Ferrari F1 driver Kimi Raikkonen of Finland leaves the pits in his car after changing tires. REUTERS/Andrej Isakovic/Pool

According to a report by PitPass, Ferrari F1 Team, will receive the biggest slice of the massive $965 million prize money. It’s now stands to take home $192 million in total prize money.

The legendary Italian racing giant will receive more money than any other racing team in Formula One for its 2015 performance despite finishing second in the recent Formula One Championship.

Ferrari will receive $87 million from the main pot and an additional $35 million courtesy of a Constructors’ Championship bonus. Ferrari will also receive an additional $70 million for the team recognition as F1’s oldest team. The team has been present since the first round of the Formula One World Championship in 1950

Reigning world champion Mercedes will receive the second-highest amount, which is about $171 million. Williams F1 Team, which finished third for the second successive season, will receive $87 million in total prize money, which comprises of $10 million bonus and the main pot $77 million.

The McLaren Team will receive $82 million, that’s $50 million from the main pot and $32 million in Constructors’ Championship bonus. On the other hand, Red Bull F1 Racing Team, which finished fourth, will receive $171 million in total prize money, courtesy of $70 million from the main pot, $39 million from the Constructors’ Championship bonus and an additional $35 million bonus.

The remaining money will be divided between Force India( will receive $67 million), Renault F1 Team (will receive $64 million), Toro Rosso (will get $57 million), Manor F1 Racing Team ( will receive $47 million) and Sauber (will get $54 million).

The F1’s basic prize money, which includes race hosting fees, broadcasting rights, trackside sponsorship and hospitality, is decided on teams’ standings in the previous three seasons.

Formula One Group CEO Bernard Charles Ecclecstone has already confirmed that prize money for this year would be very close to a billion dollars, which is about $965 million. The Formula One CEO has described Ferrari F1 Team as F1’s version of ‘The Rolling Stone’ while defending the premium payment for the Italian racing giant in recognition of the team status as F1’s oldest team.

Currently, the figures are still unofficial, Formula One Management always keen to keep such financial matters away from public.

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