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FIA now allowed Formula 1 drivers one helmet livery change per season

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The FIA has just confirmed reports that Formula 1 drivers are now allowed one change of helmet design, for one grand prix only, during the entire course of a season.

Following a rule introduced in 2015, where FIA has implemented a new regulation designed to prevent F1 drivers from continually changing their helmet colours throughout the campaign.

EuroSport reported that Article 9.1 of this year’s sporting regulations states: “In order for drivers to be easily distinguished from one another whilst they are on the track, the crash helmet of each driver must be presented in substantially the same livery at every event during a championship season.”

F1 Teams and chiefs felt that this practice of some F1 drivers, like that of Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel, of continually changing helmet colours at each race made it too difficult for fans to recognise them.

Originally, F1 drivers have accepted the new regulation ut more recently have begun lobbying the FIA to allow a little leeway.

This came ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix, where the F1 governing body, the FIA, has agreed that each driver would be allowed one special livery each season.

A number of F1 drivers have used this opportunity for switching helmet colours in Monaco Grand Prix this weekend, this includes Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes F1 team and Felipe Massa of Williams F1.

“They [the FIA] have allowed this,” said Massa, via the Autosport.com. “They have allowed the drivers to use once per year a different helmet, which is something we have been asking for the whole season. Maybe what Sebastian was doing was too much, but if you want to do something special, once a year is nice and they [the FIA] accept that.”

Describing his own new design for the Monaco race, Massa also added, via the Autosport.com: “It has been done by a very famous Brazilian artist [Os Gemeos].

“They do graffiti, they paint on the road. They have become really, really famous in the whole world, so they have painted the helmet for me. I have also my son and wife here, so it is a very special art that I will keep.”

Picture Courtesy: Mariom990/Wikipedia.org

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