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F1 News: Force India to experiment to better understand why it has lost its tyre advantage

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Sahara Force India plans to experiment with some old rear suspension configurations at the upcoming British Grand Prix to better understand why it has lost its tyre advantage.

The Silverstone-based F1 team used to be one of the best at looking after its tyres, but this season the team has faced serious problems in dealing with their tyres.

According to Motorsport, that current problems were highlighted at the Austrian Grand Prix when Nico Hulkenberg started the race on the front row but fell in the race after suffering excessive tyre degradation.

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Force India’s Sergio Perez revealed recently that the team had planned some extensive tests, which, according to reports include some experiment with rear suspension, to get a better understanding of what caused the tyre problems.

Force India had recently introduced a new front and another important update in Austria Grand Prix, in the hopes of improving its tyre issues, but according to Sergio Perez the current problems is not related to aerodynamics.

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The 26-year-old Mexican F1 driver has crashed out of the Austrian Grand Prix after suffering a brake failure on the penultimate lap. After the crash, Perez said that there are lessons that need to be taken on board to ensure no repeat of the future race.

Based in Silverstone, England, Sahara Force India is an F1 racing team with an Indian license that was formed when a consortium led by Indian businessman Vijay Mallya and Michiel Mol bought the Spyker F1 team for a reported $100 million.

Picture Courtesy: Alberto-g-rovi/Wikimedia Commons

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