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F1 News: Haas believes that its future will be better if it shift focus to 2017 F1 car

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The Haas F1 team has decided to wind down development of its current F1 car, as the American outfit believes that its future will be better if set by shifting its focus on next year’s car.

Speaking about the 2017 project ahead of the Austrian Grand Prix, Haas F1 team principal Gunther Steiner said in a statement, via the Motorsport.com: “If we focus now on 2016 that car has gone another 12 races left. Next year’s car has hopefully five years left so if you build a good platform to start off with that is better.”

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Haas F1 has made some strategic partnership with Italian manufacturer Dallara for their chassis and Scuderia Ferrari for the power units and gearbox.

Although the American team does not have the kind of development muscles and vast resources of its big rivals and depends on its Italian partner Ferrari for much of its power units, Haas still has scope for improvement.

Last April, the team issued a huge warning against rival teams that there is, even more, performance to come from their F1 racing car in terms of both car speed and aggressive tyre strategies.

The American outfit is currently beefing up its capabilities for the upcoming racing campaign. The team has recently announced that’s it’s taken a new direction and set its sight on scoring points at every F1 race, aiming for game consistency.

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Haas is set to help from Ferrari’s upgraded turbo from the British Grand Prix. Steiner has also added that the only aero development that is now possible for 2016 is a new front wing which could appear after the summer break.

“We are still discussing a front wing update, but we are not 100 percent sure if we want to do it or not,” Steiner said, via the Motorports.com. “We need to see if the gain is big enough to do it, or if it is a distraction.

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