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Haas F1 need to ‘experiment more’ to win: Gutierrez

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Photo courtesy: Ian C/Flickr.com

Haas F1 driver Esteban Gutierrez said that his team needs to experiment more as it looks to bounce back from a disappointing start at the recent Chinese Grand Prix. The American F1 racing team has two race cars to the Shanghai circuit’s finish line at that time but failed to score the crucial points.

“There’s still a lot to work on, it’s part of that which we are missing – we need to experiment more, to try different things.

“I have to say that our set-up is still quite conservative at the moment.

“We still don’t know exactly where we are or are 100 per cent confident that this is right so we can expect to have these type of weekends where our car isn’t performing at the maximum.

“But the good news is that we have a good base and we’ll work on it at the next events,” Esteban Gutierrez said in a statement, via the AutoSport.com.

Despite of its failed bid for the F1 championship at the Chinese GP, Haas has still an impressive F1 debut with Romain Grosjean taking the 14th place at the Chinese GP and Esteban Gutierrez securing the 19th place, giving Haas a two-car finish for the first time this year. Haas has clearly broken the ‘new team’ curse and managed to compete head-to-head with big rivals.

In addition, Haas F1 is the first Formula One team to use this ‘non-listed parts’ model, a new regulation which allow F1 team to buy more parts and components than before from well-established F1 marques. The team is currently using a Ferrari-built engine with a chassis made by Italian manufacturer Dallara. This enable Haas to focus more on racing and reduce research and development costs as well as manpower and engine spend.

No other team buys or outsource its components, gears, engines and chassis from third party like Haas but that’s not the only difference under its bonnet. Haas F1 is also the only F1 team to split its design and race operations, and placed them on different continents.

Although the F1 newcomer does not have the kind of development budget and formidable resources of its big rivals and depends much on Ferrari and Dallara for most of its F1 works, Haas F1 still has scope for improvement.

The 2-year-old American-made F1 team has made a strong start to life in F1, scoring sixth on its debut in Australian Grand Prix and fifth in Bahrain Grand Prix, thus putting the team in fifth place in the constructor championship with 18 points.

Photo courtesy: Ian C/Flickr.com

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