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Haas F1 Racing aims for game consistency

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Haas F1 Team
Gutiérrez follows teammate James Calado in 1st place out of the first corner at the 2012 Malaysian Sprint race.

Haas Formula One racing Team is now aiming for consistency. Haas F1 boss Gunther Steiner said that despite claiming sixth and fifth positions in the first two Grand Prix’s of the year, they have to be confident about their chances of winning the race.

Making its first Formula One championship race, Haas, the Formula One’s first U.S.-owned team in 30 years, presented their 2016 car at Bahrain Grand Prix t with a grey and red livery and the designation VF-16 to mark it out as the ‘Very First’.

The car was designed by Italian-based Dallara and powered by Ferrari. Its drivers are Frenchman Romain Grosjean and Mexican Esteban Gutierrez.

Gunther Steiner, who previously worked in Formula One with Jaguar and then Red Bull Racing, said that achieving the fifth position in the F1 championship is slightly out of reach but his team’s primary goal for now is just to get points at every race.

Haas is now taking new direction, hoping for a bright future in the coming races. The team has set its sights on scoring points at every Formula One race, after its impressive debut in the recently held Bahrain Grand Prix.

“We didn’t expect fifth,” Steiner explained. “After qualifying we hoped to make points. You can never expect anything in racing in my opinion.

“You try to do your best to get points. In the morning I wake up with no expectations and then you try to make it happen. That is our philosophy.

“So in practice on Friday or Saturday, we felt we could make points and that is our objective.
“Sometimes we will be off and then we say we do our best to get two cars to the end. We have no expectation now to always be fifth. It just doesn’t happen, ” Steiner said in a statement, via the Motorsport.

Despite of the great scoring debut the team made in Australia and Bahrain, Steiner has said that the Haas team remains frustrated that their teammate Esteban Gutierrez has yet to finish a race. Gutierrrez has crashed out with Fernando Alonso in Australia, while in Bahrain he was retired in the race due to brake problem.

“It’s the second race in a row he doesn’t finish,” Steiner said, via the Motorsport.
“We have to investigate what it is. We had a problem on the front left.

“We think it is something on the brakes but we don’t know exactly. Our aim should be to get two cars to the finish – and that should be China,” Steiner explained in a statement, via the Motorsport.

Haas F1 Racing is Formula One’s first completely new team since 2010, when Lotus Racing, Hispania and Virgin Racing made their debuts. Haas have forged close ties with Italian giant Ferrari, sourcing most of their components from the sport’s most successful racing team, including engine and gearbox.

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