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Haas F1 reveals first F1 update

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Haas F1

Haas F1 Team has made some huge performance in the first two Grand Prix, and today is revealing to the world its first big F1 update.

The American F1 team has arrived with a whole new front wing, which Esteban Gutierrez ran in practice. The wing has undergone several upgrades to change the way air moves around the front tyre. The main cascade was changed with the single central control fin removed and replaced by two fins. The ‘r’ cascade was removed and replaced with a horizontal arrowed fin, which mounted to the side of the main cascade.

Haas F1 Team is an F1 racing team established by NASCAR Sprint Cup Series team owner Gene Haas in 2014. The team has made some partnership with Italian manufacturer Dallara for their chassis and Scuderia Ferrari for the power units. The team drivers include Frenchman Romain Grosjean and Mexican Esteban Gutierrez.

The American-made Haas F1 Team is F1’s first completely new team since 2010, when Lotus Racing, Hispania and Virgin Racing made their debuts. Haas has inked a strategic partnership with Italian racing giant Scuderia Ferrari, sourcing most of their power units and car components from the Italian racing giant, including engine and gearbox.

In addition, Haas F1 Team is the first F1 team to use this ‘non-listed parts’ model and believes the results so far have vindicated that approach.

Although Haas does not have the kind of development muscles and vast resources of its big rivals and depends on Italian side Ferrari for much of its power units, Haas still has scope for improvement.

Earlier this month, the team has announced that it’s aiming for game consistency. Haas F1 team principal Gunther Steiner, who previously worked with Red Bull Racing, said that his team’s primary goal, for now, is just to achieve points at every race.

Haas made its official debut at the 2016 Australian Grand Prix, with Romain Grosjean finishing the 6th place and scoring eight points for the team.

Picture Courtesy: Morio/Wikipedia.org

Video Courtesy: Haas F1 Team/Youtube.com

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