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Hamilton expects more wins for Ferrari in 2016

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Photo Courtesy: Enslin/Wikimedia Commons.org

Formula One World Champion Lewis Hamilton expects a tough battle with Ferrari this year.

The Mercedes driver predicted more wins for the Prancing Horse this year. Sebastian Vettel gave the Italian-based squad three wins last season getting a victory in Malaysia, Hungary, and Singapore.

Ferrari threatened to win in the opening race in Melbourne last week if not for a bungled strategy that allowed Nico Rosberg to win the Australian Grand Prix.

In an article that appeared in Yahoo Sports, Hamilton bared that there will be occasions when the Ferraris of Vettel and Raikkonen will be quicker than the Mercedes. “I’m hoping that it’s going to be a good battle.

“There are going to be races where we are further ahead and where we finish five or ten seconds up the road, there are going to be races where we are wheel to wheel and races that, who knows, they might be ahead of us, more so than they were last year” Hamilton said.

But the Briton believes that it’s going to be tough to fully gauge how close Ferrari is to Mercedes on race pace due to the varying strategies which was evident in Australia last weekend.

“I thought they looked quite quick, they were on a different tyre to me behind, a different strategy, for sure they looked quick at the end. I’m excited in the hope that we are going to have more close races like that moving forward,” Hamilton said.

“I don’t think Nico had particular trouble staying behind Vettel on the medium tyre when he was on the super soft which was ultimately quicker for a short period of time, so we shall see.”

The Formula One season shifts to the Middle East this weekend with the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Photo Courtesy:Enslin/Wikimedia Commons.org

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