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Lewis Hamilton is not letting his loss to teammate Nico Rosberg affect his spirit in any way. After a dismal performance at Bahrain International Circuit on Sunday, Lewis Hamilton took to Instagram to flaunt his Mercedes-Maybach S600.

The image posted on Instagram shows the F1 driver leaning against his pearl white car that reportedly costs £160,000. Hamilton is seen wearing a black outfit, high-top trainers and teams it with a red cap. “Pull up like..: #maybach #bosswhip #pearlwhite,” he posted alongside the picture.

Pull up like..: #maybach #bosswhip #pearlwhite

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More recently, Hamilton was spotted partying with pop star Jess Glynne and smoking shisha after his loss on Sunday. Speaking after his loss to Auto Motor and Sport, Hamilton said that he knows what he can do.

“I told my engineers that it’s only the start. It’s two races out of 21. I know what I can do. I have an excellent foundation with this car as both times I’ve been on pole,” Hamilton said.

The three-time world champion has also spoken out against the use of driver coaches in Formula One. According to him, a driver needs to trust his own instinct.

“There is a problem in racing, you have all these driver coaches coming along, mind coaches and it’s all a bunch of c**p. The insecure people think they need those things but they don’t. You just get lost and you don’t need it. You have to trust yourself. Everyone has their own unique way of doing it,” he said, reports Daily Mail.

“I think people start to look at certain things, that’s not there. All the small, little noises which is not the important stuff.”

Although Lewis Hamilton picked up the season-opening Grand Prix in Australia, many believe that the Brit has been distracted this season.

The Times’ Kevin Eason feels that Rosberg has spotted weakness in Hamilton and using it to his benefit.

“I think the difference is that the other fella has taken his eye off the ball, well and truly,” Eason said. “I know we do this thing about Lewis and his lifestyle – he’s quite entitled to do it, and I think in many ways that it’s marvelous for Formula 1 – but I do sense just a little bit of distraction in him.”

Eason made the calling statements at F1 Report: Bahrain Review.

“Maybe Nico’s seen that chink in Lewis’ armour and maybe he thinks he can go for it,” he added.

Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Lewis Hamilton

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