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Lewis Hamilton insists there is no tension with Nico Rosberg after Spanish GP crash

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Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton

Three-time F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton said that he and Mercedes teammate Nico Rosberg spoke to one another on Wednesday and insists that there is no tension between the two drivers following the Spanish crash incident which took them both out of the Spanish race.

The two Mercedes drivers have crashed out of the last race in Barcelona after colliding with each other on the first lap of the Spanish Grand Prix. This is not the first time the two have such incident, they have clashed several times in their F1 career, but Hamilton insists that he feels no tension toward his Mercedes teammate Rosberg on this occasion.

Hamilton also said that good communications within the team had also helped, with both drivers and Mercedes racing chief Toto Wolff having insisted that the incident is now consigned to history.

“I think it’s really just a showing of growth within Nico and I,” Hamilton said in a statement, via the Motorsport.com. “We stood and spoke to each other today, and no problems.

“In the past there would have been some kind of tension of some sort, but it was pure respect. Just, ‘We have still have all the respect for you,’ and he said the same. We said, ‘Let’s just keep racing.’

Hamilton has also admitted that the aftermath might have been very different had only one of the drivers retired from the race, and the other continue to race and score points.

“For sure it’s a different situation. I can’t tell you how it would have gone. But there would have been different emotions, different feelings, for sure. We’ve got 16 races to go, we’ve got a long career left of racing with one another,” Hamilton added via the Motorsport.com.

Picture Courtesy: Gussisaurio/Wikimedia Commons

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