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Mercedes F1 Update: Lewis Hamilton relationship with teammate Nico Rosberg getting better now

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Mercedes F1’s Lewis Hamilton claims his relationship with Mercedes teammate Nico Rosberg is now as good as it has ever been, following a difficult period between the two which stretches back to 2014.

The pair has had their clashes over recent years, but Hamilton claims that tension has begun to simmer down. Hamilton also added that they now have a much better understanding of each other and that the rivalry is gone.

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Hamilton said they’re now able to talk and discuss matters such as that crash, like adults, behind closed doors.

“It’s actually really good with Nico at the moment. Really, really good. Surprisingly. I would definitely not have expected it to be where it is. I guess it is probably with age.” Hamilton said in an interview, via Motosport.com.

“He’s a family man. He’s got a kid. He has probably grown in that process and I have grown and come of age. The respect that we have always talked about is bigger than it has ever been.”

The two recently crashed out Spanish GP on the opening lap after a coming together as they battled for the lead, an incident that wiped both Mercedes drivers out of the Spanish Grand Prix on lap one.

Mercedes motorsport boss Toto Wolff said that both Rosberg and Hamilton had been left upset by what had happened because it had cost Mercedes a lot of world championship points and a shot at another world title.

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But reports said that the fallout that followed was almost non-existent compared to previous clashes in the race, which have often resulted in the two slagging one another off to the media.

Finally, Hamilton also expressed his belief that F1 must maintain a danger element to be attractive and said that too safe tracks have made it easier for a young rider like Max Verstappen to race and succeed.

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