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Lewis Hamilton will get a brand new MGU-H design, just in time for the Spanish GP

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Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton will get a brand new MGU-H design for the Spanish Grand Prix following the failures Hamilton has experienced in Russian GP and Chinese Grand Prix.

Mercedes has already confirmed the reports that Hamilton will have a brand new turbo and fully updated MGU-H for this weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix, as the team bids to end the reliability issues that have hampered Hamilton recently.

The 31-year-old world champion has suffered near identical MGU-H reliability issues during the qualifying rounds for both the Chinese GP and the Russian GP, which has hampered Hamilton’s bid to overhaul teammate Nico Rosberg. This reliability issues have prompted Mercedes F1 to launch a thorough investigation on base.

Following the investigation, the team has finally decided to tweak the MGU-H design to minimise the chance of another reliability problem. But given the tight turnaround the team was only able to have one components ready for Spanish GP.

The new upgraded components will be fitted to Hamilton’s F1 car, just in time for free practice on Spanish GP. Hamilton will also get a new turbo for additional combustion power.

This is Hamilton’s fourth MGU-H updates of the season, which means that Hamilton will only have one more available for the remainder of the racing campaign before he could face a grid penalty.

Hamilton’s teammate Nico Rosberg has also fitted a new MGU-k and brand new internal combustion engine, but remains with the existing MGU-H and turbo designs. Mercedes hopes that those new components will minimize the chance of suffering the kind of problem that hit Hamilton recently.

In addition to Mercedes F1, Sauber and the American F1 team Haas are also getting new look, running a new fully updated Ferrari spec engines.

Picture Courtesy: Jonny Henchman/Youtube.com

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