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Lewis Hamilton wins F1 Canadian GP after intense battle with Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel, Ferrari admits wrong decision in the race

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Lewis Hamilton has won the Canadian Grand Prix after an intense battle with Ferrari’ Sebastian Vettel, who had a shot at victory following a stunning start, but failed to make a two-stop strategy work at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in comparison to the one-stop for Hamilton.

Scuderia Ferrari team principal Maurizio Arrivabene has admitted that his team made the wrong decision in putting Sebastian Vettel on a two-stop strategy that didn’t work out.

Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel made a huge start, swerving around both Mercedes off the start line and taking the lead. The race ran smoothly for Ferrari, Sebastian Vettel was still in control of a race that was expected to need one pit stop if teams could make that work. But Ferrari made a wrong decision when the virtual safety car was deployed while track workers recovered Jenson Button’s McLaren car, which suffered an engine failure on lap 10.

Ferrari made a gamble and has chosen to stop both drivers, Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen, putting them both on the same two-stop strategy and forcing the German to pass Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton again to win the race. A decision, which Ferrari team principal Maurizio Arrivabene admitted later was “wrong”, that put the two drivers on off-set strategies and in a serious position.

Lewis Hamilton made a smooth ran until lap 24, preventing Vettel to get any closer than about six seconds, before making his perfectly-timed stop, swapping his ultra-soft tyres for softs.

Hamilton came out 13.5 seconds behind Vettel, which has been improved by a new turbocharger design and upgraded chassis. Hamilton closed the gap to just under 10 seconds before Vettel made his final stop on lap 37.

Vettel came back again and tried to close the gap to 4.3 seconds behind Hamilton after the 55 laps, but Vettel run into trouble when he locked up into the final chicane on lap 56 and on lap 61, which effectively ending his bid for victory.

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Video Courtesy: xMattyG1/Youtube.com

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